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The Co-operative Group is proposing to create a new woodland burial ground, cemetery and crematorium on land at Stoughton Estate to the south of Great Glen, just off London Road south.

This is in response to the need for additional crematoria and burial facilities, particularly in the south of the county, identified by both Harborough District Council and Leicestershire County Council. The site is particularly suitable, as the facilities would have minimal impact on the neighbouring residential area, while providing a new green area for everyone to enjoy.

We have gathered the views of the local community in a number of ways and these views - as well as conclusions drawn from several technical studies – have guided amendments to the planning application proposals.

Changes made as a result of feedback received include:
 - Moving the car park further west of Stoneygate School, so the development is significantly further away from the school, allowing us to create two new bunds or barriers. 
 - Introduced additional screening between the development and the school playing fields.
 - Altered designs for the crematorium itself, softening some of the lines of the building to improve its appearance.

Our vision for Stoughton Estate remains: